From a Westerner's perception, Tōkyō may, especially due to its visual appearance, seem rather confusing and difficult to understand. To me, however, the Japanese capital has always shown its sensitive and harmonious side and it has helped me understand that there are many things beyond what we think we see or know.

Impulsions, vivacity and solitude; modernity and tradition; abundance and pureness; melodies and silence; it is the interplay of these elements that guides my work. Understanding a city is about hearing its voices, capturing its smells, viewing its layers, following its rhythms.
I capture Tōkyō with nothing more than what the city presents me: buildings and people, objects, structures and nature; light and atmospheres. Not to mention homes, kindness, and emotions.
Through my photographs I want to invite people to discover what is hidden behind the perceived, to observe the lived, to understand the conceived; to be attentive to the details; to be guided by the movements; and to discover a small part of the many faces of Tōkyō.




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