Go down in (Olympic) history


{Inspiration by the approach of Friday, July 23, 2021, 20:00 - 23:30 (JST), Japan National Stadium.                                                       

Opening Ceremony, the Games of the XXXII Olympiad}

Tōkyō; fourth state of emergency. Dubiety amongst society. No spectators, joyful athletes. Few officials, empty seats.

Preparations, complications. Consensus, Controversy.

Hope, defeat, a lot to compete. Success, delight, and sometimes bright.  

The Olympics marked humanity. And since now more than a century,  in the modern form, they expanded progressively.                          

Japan, a hope, for 40 million visitors last year (2020), however the reality (4.12 million) was anything but near.                 

Praised as a global congregation, the Games, to celebrate unification.

In lieu, separation and isolation.

Various opinions, repeated consideration, leading to exasperation.

The cruel fact: no universally valid solution. Abiding discordance as a conclusion.

A lasting seesaw, a tug-of-war; but already arrived so far.

Towards oneself, high expectations. Compounding various small aggregations. 

Tōkyō prepared and adapted to the event, yet eventually, it had to bend.

Many may long for the journey to end.

Regardless what happened and what is to come. One point exists where doubt there seems none. 

The unprecedented postponement, already at this moment, assured that one shall keep a memory…

Tōkyō 2020 is to go down in (Olympic) history.

Around (in) Circles, Shinjuku Chūō Kōen, Tōkyō 2021/07/23  © Louise Claire Wagner

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